Portable Cooker Metallic Black


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Portable Cooker Metallic Black



Ideal for camping, picnics, festivals, barbecues, day boats, caravanning, site workers, emergencies, power cuts, or as an extra burner.

A small and sturdy portable gas stove. Automatic piezo ignition. Uses standard A4 227g butane gas cartridges.


Standard Features
Dimensions: 32x28x11cm
Weight (kg): 1.5000
Material: Stainless steel cooking top with durable enamel coated case

Additional Features
  • Nominal heat output: 2.2kw
  • Fully adjustable heat control
  • Suitable for use with Highlander GAS002 (A4 227g butane)
  • Piezo ignition (no matches required)
  • Gas consumption 160g/hour
  • 11x32x27cm